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Please donate so I can buy my horse print and present it to my grandmother as a christmas gift and to pay for requests I've made, and rewarding those write cute and adorable stories of my favorite people: Brian Epstein and Ringo Starr. Be it fluff, friendly or family. :aww:

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Yes, people my 'net is working but who knows for how long until the nest haywire mayhem? Sadly, I will still not be able to post so much werk on here because I am a bit behind, I have commissions to start on for my sister and sometimes I just don't feel like drawing or writing. Lately all I have been doing is reading from fanfiction. net and checking out some Alan Rickman movies on youtube.


I LOVE EPPY! .. I am The R!
United States
I spent twelve years in the desert and twelve years in the city and going....

additional tv shows that I like: Ghost Hunters, Ghost adventures,

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Yes, people my 'net is working but who knows for how long until the nest haywire mayhem? Sadly, I will still not be able to post so much werk on here because I am a bit behind, I have commissions to start on for my sister and sometimes I just don't feel like drawing or writing. Lately all I have been doing is reading from fanfiction. net and checking out some Alan Rickman movies on youtube.
Over Looking The Battle_UPDATED by sandw1chl0vr
Over Looking The Battle_UPDATED
I know I already have a pic on here that looks just like this but this one has been slightly altered. There's more detail in the grass and sky and I signed it.

And yes, my 'net is working but my art will still be slow to come here. I have a dozen commissions that I seriously need to do for my sister so I'm going to be working on that for the time being.
Just a caution to those who keep an eye on me may be disappointed in a long wait to see anything new. The reason for this is because I have absolutely NO WAY to upload my new werks. The 'net on my computer is all somehow, I've a computer gamer in my haus with his own comp. and my sister changed her password on her laptop so there is positively no way I can upload new art or stories not unless someone fixes my 'net. The only other source for me to come here is on an ipad but that's all I can do. I can only visit until such time.
I'M BORED!!!!! XP ... :facepalm:

Chapter Ten

Paul was sitting at his desk trying to fit his new song together. He was writing a song in the hopes to serenade his little drummer but the words weren't coming out the way he wanted them. And he kept thinking about Brian and Ringo both being home alone by themselves.

Last night he came home to see both his boyfriend and manager sleeping on the couch under some heavy blankets. If it hadn't been for John, he would've done something rash like yell at Brian and accuse him for being sneaky. John said that Ringo had been cooped up in his room all week and didn't want to miss the John Wayne marathon.

Just then Paul noticed that the TV was on and John Wayne was shooting up a storm.

He just didn't know what to do about his jealousy towards Brian. Brian was taking care of Ringo more than he was. Even though the new contract said that he should and Paul being the second Lieutenant for Ringo Care, he couldn't shake the feeling that Ringo would be better off with Brian.

Before he won Ringo over from Brian, Paul was keen to observe everything he could about the two of them. He knew they had a lot in common like both tending to fall into depressions and both easily get lonely and both were teasing targets for John to pick on.

When the other two had fallen in love with Ringo Paul knew he had some tough competition. John could make Ringo laugh, George was his best friend but Paul was the only one who wasn't shy to sleep and cuddle with Ringo in the same bed in their early days.

He soon noted that Ringo soon started to arrive late at work sometimes so he investigated and followed him one morning. He discovered that Ringo started going to Brian for some comfort and to hide from his band mates. After that Ringo had been late for work every morning, going over to Brian's office for some chat time.

Then when Brian came in to oversee the recordings Paul noticed that Brian started looking at Ringo with a dreamy look on his face. A week after that, he went over to Brian's office for a little advice on how to win Ringo's heart but overheard Brian confess his love to Ringo instead.

Now, handling a comedian and a best friend was one thing, but someone who could understand Ringo's problems was definitely tough competition. Brian could understand Ringo's problems very easily because he's had the same experiences.

Paul could understand why Brian woud fall in love too. Ringo was an appreciative guy. He would return favors and give presents as Thank Yous and Brian was a hard working guy. Ringo showed a lot of appreciation to him.

Putting himself in Brian's shoes the best he could, Paul could really understand why he would fall in love with Ringo. Ringo probably made him feel worthwhile. Ringo would be his very reason to go to work every day and his reason to come home every night.

All the boys knew Brian was looking for someone to love and to be well loved in return. He knows from experience that Ringo was full of love and can give the kind of love that would last forever.

Paul looked down at his song and scanned the words. They weren't the words of undying love, they were words of jealousy and questioning. He crumpled up the paper and tossed it aside and tried working on another one but his thoughts kept interrupting him.

"Hey Paulie, whatcha doing?" Ringo asked. "Working on a song." Paul answered and set down his pen to pull Ringo down on his lap.

"Ringo, I’ve been thinking." he said. "I’m very jealous of Brian." "Paul, I’ve told you--" "Hold on, hold on, I’m not done." Paul said, putting a finger over Ringo’s lips. "I’m jealous but I can see why he loves you so much and I think you should return it."

Just a little story I have been werking on since two years ago. I have the story prolly nearly completed. But I don't know if you guys would like the outcome. That's another thing I would like to do. Write a story and ask for YOUR opinion on what should happen next. It might get stressful if I do do that but I wanna try it anyway.

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