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To rid the last journal


I LOVE EPPY! .. I am The R!
United States
I spent twelve years in the desert and twelve years in the city and going....

additional tv shows that I like: Ghost Hunters, Ghost adventures,

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To rid the last journal
Chapter Thirteen

It was suppose to be a small one but they kissed some more eventually adding tongue. They didn't fight for dominance, more like waltzed with their tongues and Paul's hands started trailing downwards to untuck Ringo's shirt.

"Paul, don't." Ringo gasped but Paul continued and started unbuttoning the shirt. "Don't, please." Ringo whispered, again Paul ignored and trailed his kisses down Ringo's neck and pulled off the shirt to roam his chest. "Paul, please stop." Ringo whimpered. "Why?" Paul gasped and worked on the belt. "Don't do this to me, please." Ringo whispered but let Paul continue.

"Why?" Paul whispered and rubbed his hand between Ringo's legs making him gasp and buck and tighten his grip on his shoulders. Mostly grabbing the material of his shirt. "Because," Ringo sighed and exposed his neck by burying his head in the nook of Paul's shoulder. Paul kissed it and suckled on the pulse points making Ringo moan.

"Stop, please." he whimpered and rubbed against Paul's hand. "Why do you want me to stop?" Paul whispered and moved his hand to grasp Ringo's behind making him shudder. "Because you love John." Ringo sniffled.

That made Paul stop.

He looked at the drummer and found him crying. "Do you not like me?" Paul asked, still holding onto Ringo. "I like you very much, love you, really. But you love John." Ringo sniffled and sat down on the bed. "Ringo," Paul sat down beside him and rested his head on his shoulder.

"It's like you said, John has George. And although I'm happy, sad and jealous at the same time for them, you were the only one who ever cared about me to the smallest detail." Paul mumbled and subtly nuzzled Ringo's neck.

"You read my journal, didn't you?" smiled Ringo. "Maybe a few pages." Paul smiled back. Ringo wiped his eyes and lied down. "How could you possibly love me when you love John so much?" Ringo sighed. Paul thought a moment, "John is everything to me." Paul replied and got up to close the curtains, dimming the light in the room and then lied down next to Ringo.

"But you're more." he said and rested his head on Ringo's belly. "I should've seen it from the beginning." he nuzzled the belly, sending shivers up Ringo's spine as well as his own.

"Paul, don't feel sorry for me. I'm still gonna get him for you." Ringo yawned. "Get some sleep and pretend this was all a dream." he said softly. "A dream?" Paul asked with a touch of annoyance. "Pretend that we kissed and nearly made out?" "What?" Ringo asked innocently. "Ringo, if we're gonna "pretend" that this was all a dream, then let's have it all out." Paul said and pounced the drummer.

Twenty minutes worth of love-making.

When they finished, they were wrapped in each others' arms, under the blankets of course. What else were they gonna do?
Paul was planting little kisses on Ringo's collar bone and nuzzled into his bare chest. "I don't want John anymore. I want you." he said sleepily. "I've always wanted you." Ringo replied and kissed his head. "You can have me then, if you stop trying to sabotage John and George's relationship." Paul chuckled. "Ok, if it'll make you happy." Ringo said and kissed him fondly.
They both said I love you to each other, kissed good night ... er ... morning and fell asleep.

Chapter Twelve

Okay, maybe not cry into bawling, or shaking shoulders but maybe a tear or two slipped down his face. 'He really does love me.' he thought and closed the book when he heard Ringo shuffling around. He put it back on the nightstand and lied back in bed with Ringo.

Paul just watched Ringo sleep for a few minutes until he woke up then pecked his nose. "Morning." he smiled. "Did you just kiss my nose?" Ringo giggled. "So? You know, I was thinking that since John and George have each other, maybe we should get together?" he asked.

That woke Ringo.

"You're not interested in birds?" Ringo asked. "What for? They have their "monthly visitor" every two weeks and you can never guarantee that you can get one that isn't on theirs at the moment." Paul replied. "Well, I don't know. Maybe we should try them out." Ringo said and got up. "Well then, how about you and me just try kissing? For the fun of it." Paul smiled.

Ringo noticed the tear stain on Paul's cheek and wondered if he was reading his journal behind his back. "Were you crying?" he asked. "Oh, just had a sad thought earlier. No biggie." Paul answered and wiped the stain away.

Ringo smacked his lips and made a disgusted face. "I'm gonna go brush. Morning vomit is not a good taste." he chuckled. "You should eat, I don't wanna waste our money on uneaten food. Oh, and can you put my journal back in my suitcase?"

Paul's heart fluttered at the mention of his journal, thinking he'd been caught, but did it anyway. He ate the cold breakfast and saved the orange juice for Ringo, drinking the coffee for himself. It wasn't the same as Ringo's coffee, but it was coffee nonetheless, cold coffee that is.

"So? Are we gonna have another night here or what?" he asked cutting the steak. Ringo came out with toothe paste dripping from his mouth, nodded and went back to spit. Paul phoned up the house and told John and George they were gonna stay another night.
Ringo came out and breathed. "Mm, minty freshness." he giggled and sat down to watch tv. "They said "Ok, we'll just be naughty with each other again." Paul chuckled lightly. "Oh, those boys just can't get enough of each other, can they?" Ringo smirked.


At the house, George had John in chains on the bed. "You'll never make me talk!" John exclaimed grinning. "Oh, I'll make you talk, if it takes me all day!" George grinned and pounced.


"So, do you wanna try?" Paul mumbled. "Try what?" asked Ringo. "Kissing." Paul answered, slightly blushing. Ringo blushed a little more prominently, "Uh, tonight, I guess. I wanna do some, some um, shopping." he said dryly. "I thought you said you wanted to spend all day just lying around." Paul said, leaning into Ringo's personal space.

"Paul, are you feeling ok?" Ringo asked moving away and getting nervous and blushing more. "I'm fine. I just wanna kiss you, that's all." Paul whispered and leaned closer but Ringo fell out of bed again. "Are you ok?" Paul asked helping him up. "Yeah, although I am a little nervous around you now." Ringo answered and straightened his clothes.

"Look, it'll just be a small one, ok?" Paul said and brought Ringo close. "Well, just a small one." Ringo replied, still blushing and placed his hands on Paul's shoulders. Paul pressed his lips to Ringo and found him trembling, but soon melted right into it and kissed back.
Chapter Eleven

"Last night was great for me but shameful at the same time. John and George had another loud evening that Paul couldn't handle, so he went to a bar and came home drunk beyond belief. The only thing I could do was lend him my shoulder to cry on .... and barf on .... and cry on again. It wasn't pretty! But after rambling on and on about how he wanted John and to see him naked and have John be naughty to him .... he took me right there.

"He was fantastic! Amazing! But he was drunk, I didn't want him that way and he moaned John's name the whole time. To make it worse, he had no memory about it whatsoever. The only good thing about that is I can continue with my plan in trying to get George to love me in a more than friendship way. I just want to see him happy."

A knock came on the door, startling Paul in a frantic hurry closed the book, place it the nightstand like it was before and answered the door.

"Here you go, thank you." he said, paying the waiter and nearly slammed it. "Sorry!" he hollered and set the tray right when Ringo came out looking sick. "Please tell me that's Pepto Bismol." he groaned and rushed back into the bathroom and hurled.

Paul poked his head in the bathroom to see Ringo leaning over the toilet on all fours and looking pale. "Are you ok?" he asked. "I ate too much." Ringo answered and hurled again. "But you ordered another-" "You can have it." Ringo groaned and flushed his sickness away.
"Uh, maybe you're having morning sickness?" Paul suggested. "I'm not a pregnant woman Paul. I just had too much food." Ringo chuckled and got up to washed his face. "Is that why you eat small meals?" Paul smiled. "Yeah, the other reason." Ringo hiccuped. "Really? The other reason was so you could have a full meal?" Paul asked. "Have you ever taken George out to eat?" he asked wiping his face on a towel.

"He eats everything in sight. He even stole some food off of some stranger's plate once." Ringo giggled. "Wow, so ... wanna spend another night here?" Paul asked again. "I thought you already arranged that." Ringo replied and lied down on his bed. "Well, I was only joking around. I didn't really call them." Paul smiled and lied down next to him.

"You should get some sleep, you've been up all night." Ringo yawned. "I'm not tired. I'm content enough just snuggling next to you." Paul sighed and draped his arm over Ringo's chest again. Ringo held him in return and fell back asleep.

Paul waited a few minutes to make sure Ringo was in a deep sleep and then slipped out to read some more.

The page he came across brought a smile to his face and made him cry.


John and George were celebrating their ten week anniversary and went to a hotel for the night to give Paul and Ringo some peace and quiet.

Which they really didn't have to do. Paul and Ringo went out to the movies that lasted their whole love session, but coming back to a quiet house was nice.

"What do you wanna do now?" Ringo asked, hanging up his and Paul's coats. "I don't know, poker game?" Paul suggested. "K, what do you wanna bet?" Ringo asked. "Uh .... I got nothing." Paul replied so they decided to watch a little tv.

Paul got extremely bored so Ringo thought it'd be fun to just dance around.

He got up and snatched Paul in his arms and twirled him around. They dance for about an hour with no music, having a good time nonetheless, and then had a midnight snack and played poker in their room using George's secret stash of jelly babies as betting material.

"Straight flush." Ringo said and laid his cards down. "Beat that." he grinned. "Full house! HA!" Paul exclaimed and gathered his winnings. "Aww, we're out of jelly babies." Ringo pouted, shaking an empty box. "What else you wanna do?" he asked and slumped. "Well, I wanna go to bed." Paul yawned.

Ringo kicked off his shoes and pulled the covers back for Paul and then changed into his jimjams. He was going to read Paul a story but he was already asleep. Ringo put the book on the nightstand and cuddled up next to him, wrapped an arm around, gently kissed his head, whispered "I love you.",  placed the gentlest kiss on his lips and fell asleep.

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