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Paul-McCartney-and-John-Lennon-being-silly by sandw1chl0vr
I found this on the 'net! I don't remember what the silliness was about or where but I'm sure all you McLennon fans could care less seeing that they're both shown in some undies and Paul stading there with a look of shock on his face or something .... well, there you go.
Stooge Viller Sketches 100 by sandw1chl0vr
Stooge Viller Sketches 100
Trying to widen my field from just Beatles and Brian. So, I drew some Stooge Viller sketches.
(Well, I try to.)

Why I write Brian and Ringo stories:
I have an astrology book called Native American Astrology: The Wisdom of the Four Winds, by Winfried Noe. In it, it has animal totems that correspond with the western zodiac.
Ringo is a Cancerian; A water sign and Brian is a Virgo; an earth sign. Their animal totems are the Woodpecker and Brown Bear. If anyone's read this book, they'd find that Brown Bear explains Brian Epstein fairly well.
Anyway, here's a brief read-out on their totems: The Brown Bear is a time of harvest, comes from the south wind and from the clan Tortoise. Its element is earth.
The woodpecker is a time of Consolidation, comes from the south wind and from the clan Frog. Element is water.
Woodpecker/Brown Bear
The two elements water and earth provide a harmonious and stable foundation for a fulfilling relationship. Brown bear has a good grasp on reality and always remains practical. He can, therefore, provide good support for the sometimes moody woodpecker. Also, the sensitive and emotionally engaged woodpecker can coax the reserved Brown Bear out of its cave.
Brown Bear/Woodpecker
Brown bear and Woodpecker have a good foundation, based on their respective elements, earth and water. They compliment and understand each other without many words: Brown Bear takes care of a stable environment and Woodpecker, sensitive and emotionally devoted, provides trust. Both will be fulfilled because they enrich each other's lives.

And in case you're wondering what John, Paul and George's animal totems are, they're as follows as ordered from general listing: Raven/John, Deer/Paul, Wolf/George.
I read the pairings for each one; what I found amazing in this book was how the pairing Raven and Deer match perfectly to John and Paul, as explained below:
Here, again, are two signs that have the element air in common, which promises to be a interesting and stimulating combination. Both Deer and Raven have spirit and are very sociable. Not many desires will remain unfullfilled, if any at all. Only their strong leaning toward diversion could sooner or later create stress.
The element air is a good foundation for this combination. Both signs take great joy in intellectual and social activites. Good communication and intense discourse is very important. While this relationship will not suffer from boredom, a calender filled with too many different activites could be a source of stress. But -- so what? Both Raven and Deer love it and feel connected because of it.
Currently watching Steve Urkel. Grew up with this guy and is one of my favorite tv sitcoms from the 90s.
I'm bored outta my mind! :nuu: I don't know what to do. I have no idea what to write. My new drawings are just scribbles on a piece of paper. All I'm doing right now is playings SIMS 3 and checking my messages, that really it. Of course I do eat from time to time and occassionally go out for a small walk. 

I do feel bad for killing a spider today though. It crawled out from under my covers and freaked me out so I smashed it with a rolled up newspaper. Which I really shouldn't have done seeing that it eats the other pests in my room. It was just a harmless house-spider and I smashed it. I feel really bad. Although, I did apologized before I killed it. Sort of a native tradition in my family. You have to say you're sorry before killing spiders or else more will come after you. Just like any other creature.


I LOVE EPPY! .. I am The R!
United States
I spent twelve years in the desert and twelve years in the city and going....

additional tv shows that I like: Ghost Hunters, Ghost adventures,

A portfolio in the making:…

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Ringo Starr 100  by sandw1chl0vr Ringo and Ritchie Silent Comic pt. 1 by sandw1chl0vr Brian Eppy id tag 108 by sandw1chl0vr Brian Epstein 600 by sandw1chl0vr


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